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The Penultimate Bungie Giga-Quiz 1.0

The Penultimate Bungie Giga-Quiz 1.0Disturbed from his rest, the Bungie QuizMaster reaches a dusty, withered hand and grasps the edge of the crumbling coffin he had been imprisoned in for countless years. Countless, if you can't count up to two, that is.

Why have I been awakened?

No answers; only the sounds of rats chewing on wires in the walls.

Where are my minions?

Still no answers; the Disembodied Soul seems to be missing.

This does not bode well.

Seropian is gone. Soell is gone. The Webmaster is drunk.

No wonder I have arisen. Perhaps it is time to make them remember... remember... remember...

We interrupt this exciting dramatization for an important announcement:

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For a brief glance, we see the Bungie Quizmaster is speaking into an empty coffee can to produce the home-made echo effect. He notices you are watching and drops the can.

The Bungie Quizmaster angrily rubs his skull and glares at you. Then, with a mighty shrug of his bony shoulders he sits down at his ancient formica desk. He knows his time is limited and he must produce his greatest quiz yet. He takes his stylus in hand and removes a chilled clay tablet from the mini-bar next to his desk. With great deliberation he begins to shape words in the secret Bungie cuneiform only known to him.


The Bungie Quizmaster lets out a satisfied sigh. With his trusty stylus he makes final corrections on the tablet. The Penultimate Bungie Quiz is finally ready. After many long years in preparation the Quizmaster will be able to do what he exists to do; separate true Bungie fans from the general rabble. Now, he awaits the arrival of his first victim...